QualRisk Strategy Services (QSS)

Assisting insurers and other financial services firms with the development of their growth strategies, as well as assisting in the review of their current portfolio of segment and market positions

Financial services firms increasingly are searching for growth and innovation initiatives that will add measurably to their strategic positions in their chosen segments.  Further, a firm’s choices regarding the geographic markets and product/customer segments it competes needs to be assessed in the fast-moving competitive environment of today.  Past choices often can be challenged by market developments, requiring management teams to reassess their business and segment portfolios.

QualRisk’s Strategy Services (QSS) addresses both of these needs. QualRisk works with clients in two areas: First, identifying actions to increase growth in their chosen markets and segments. Second, assisting with the reassessment of past segment and market choices that the company has made given changes in the marketplace.

QualRisk’s work in this area emphasizes rapid assessment and recommendation development with experienced and senior professionals with extensive experience in the markets in question.