Helping insurance and financial services companies enhance their data and analytics strategies

QualRisk works with leading financial services firms internationally in the area of data and analytics and technology in four ways.

First, drawing on our deep experience in data, analytics, and modeling, we work with clients who are leaders in their industry to optimize their own proprietary data and analytics strategies. This allows our clients to sustain their competitive advantage relative to other companies in their industry, and relative to third-party companies in their supply chain.

Second, we work with these same clients to identify overlooked proprietary data and analytical and technology capabilities that, when combined with other leading participants in their same industry in multi-company initiatives, allow our clients to retain and create value for themselves that otherwise would leak out to third-party firms outside their industry. This typically requires forming and building new companies. But, we not only work with our clients to build new consortia, but also overhaul existing industry consortia, and provide management to these consortia.

Third, we work with data and technology companies to help their commercial success and growth in the insurance sector. We integrate our team directly with our clients, providing hands-on assistance on reshaping their products and value propositions and improving their sales execution and effectiveness, all through a scaled-delivery model that adds deep insurance expertise to their company without hiring additional full-time staff.

Fourth, we work with insurers and financial services firms to enhance their growth strategies, often reviewing their overall segment positions and portfolios.

We are international in the breadth and scope of our experience and resources, with offices in New York and London.