Qualrisk Insurance Services (QIS)

Accelerating growth and commercial impact in the insurance industry for technology companies

The opportunity in the insurance vertical is substantial given its attractiveness. However, achieving commercial success in insurance is difficult given the industry’s inherent complexity. Technology companies often fall short of their goals in providing products and services to the insurance vertical and underperform relative to their underlying revenue potential.

QualRisk Insurance Services (QIS) provides a set of capabilities in close partnership with its clients that helps technology companies deliver growth, helping to accelerate a company’s success in insurance through a partnership that provides five key services to its clients:

Segment Strategy and Product-Roadmap Setting

Economic-Based Value Proposition Development

Account-Specific Sales Strategies

Ongoing Research

Insurance Industry Training

QualRisk’s insurance experience and resources are unparalleled, bringing QIS clients a wide range of professionals and experts from its staff and its network. Our team includes:

  • Experienced marketing and sales professionals.
  • Life and property-casualty actuarial expertise.
  • Insurance regulatory expertise.
  • Statistical modeling expertise.
  • Research analysts with access to wide array of insurance databases.
  • Detailed knowledge of all segments of the insurance industry.
  • Network of former senior insurance industry executives.
  • Life and property-casualty underwriting expertise.
  • Life and property-casualty claims and fraud-fighting expertise.